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New Performing Arts Center to Open

After a few delays and 2 and a-half years of work a new performing arts center has been announced and is being built with the grand opening set for early 2016. Measuring over 27,000 square feet with many exciting amenities there is a 650-seat dinner theatre and a state-of-the art culinary test kitchen. The facility will encompass many features including: a broadcast media studio, interactive social media kiosks, the world's first Podcast Cafe, and ample space to accommodate its planned educational, recreational and culinary arts enrichment programs. Located on Bonita Beach Road in Bonita Springs, Florida, the SWFL Performing Arts and Cultural Learning Center (SWFL-PACLC) is a state-of-the art, world-class performing arts facility serving Lee, Collier, and the surrounding counties.

The Center offers a multitude of programming opportunities for both children and adults, with a mix of diversified cultural programming and performances featuring international, national, and local artists. Programming plans for the Center incorporate entertainment ranging from community-based theatre and children's performances to celebrity chef showcases and adult continued educational culinary seminars. Annual scholarship funds are in development for qualifying youth's in our programs who plan to achieve degrees in culinary, performance art, broadcasting and musical based higher education.

The lobby hall and theater will double as banquet and event center that will be available to host numerous weddings, catered events and traveling national and international conferences. This is a very welcome addition to Artis-Naples and Barbara B. Mann Theater. The addition of more culture and entertainment in this region is testament to the continuing popularity and growth in Southwest Florida.

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