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Fishing in Naples - Pure Naples

Naples has a lot of different sources for fishing from marinas where you can rent your own boat to private one-on-one fishing experiences and more tourist type opportunities for fishing with a large group. They all offer fishing in different types of waters from more shallow inland waterways out into the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve included detailed information about Pure Naples but be rest assured that whatever type of fishing experience you are looking for you will find it in Naples. I hope you are one of those fishermen who can brag about the size of the fish they caught.

Pure Naples

Pure Naples docked at historic Tin City offers a wide variety of fishing and boating options. Our coast offers one of the best fishing spots in the world with being home to the Ten Thousand Islands, down to Flamingo Bay, the Florida Straits and the Florida Keys. Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico can offer you a challenging adventure. I’ve given you a bit of information about the different options they have but it’s best to contact them directly at:

Deep Sea Fishing

The time of year will determine what varieties of fish will be targeted and caught. As a general rule, the deeper the water, the bigger the fish, but there are many exceptions to this rule. Their deep-sea excursions include mainly bottom fishing for Grouper and Snapper but that may vary too.

Coastal and Calm Bay Fishing

If you like to fish but prefer calm waters or want to catch a magnificent sunset while fishing, then their coastal fishing trips are perfect for you. On these excursions land always remains in sight and the fish are just as eager for a free meal as they are in the deep sea. These coastal and calm bay fishing trips are recommended for families with small children.

Fishing on a Party Boat

Who doesn’t like to have a party on a boat while fishing in Naples, Florida? Angling from one of their party boats (also known as “Head Boats”, depending on what part of the world you’re from) is the most economical way to fish in our surrounding waterways. Their party boats are named Lady Brett and Naples Explorer. These two are open to the public so you will also have the chance to meet new people from various parts of the world.

Fish on a Private Charter

Pure Naples offers a wide variety of private charter boats that will accommodate your personal needs. If you want to spend quality time with just your family or time with co-workers and friends, you are in control of the duration of the trip. You may choose a 4.5 hour, 6 hour, or 8 hour trip and whether you would like to fish offshore in the deep sea or calm bay areas.

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