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Luxury Living in Naples Florida with New App

Relax & Order App – This new App is perfect for those living

in Naples or vacationing here. Relax & Order allows people to find all of the things you would need to complement your luxury lifestyle right in the palm of your hand. Literally by lifting a finger, users are guided to whatever they might want. James Ayres, a second-generation luxury hotelier who co-founded the business with his father, John Ayers, and their tech-wizard partner, Dennis Harrison wanted to come up with an experience that would provide users with the same level of upscale resort experience as their guests enjoyed at the actual resorts.

Right now there are approximately 60 local professionals offering their services including chefs, musicians, bartenders, massage therapists, yoga instructors and many more luxury services. Mr. Kurrimbukus, an executive chef at a resort in Naples, is also a vendor for the Relax & Order App who will prepare an in-home meal for you and your guests. By tapping on each vendor, their bios, customer reviews, and other information are available. Many also teach in-home classes based on their specialty. Car detailing has also been a popular service. They even have a lawyer who will do wills and probates and a travel concierge will be added soon. People use the App by downloading it free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. They also have a website,, with more information about the business. It went live in May and its services cover the Naples area, Marco Island and the Isles of Capri, as well as Tampa. They plan on expanding their service areas as these others get up and running. Every new vendor is interviewed in person with additional guarantees that they meet the highest hospitality standards before their services are added onto the App.

Source: Florida Weekly

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