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Celebrities and Sports Stars Who Call Naples Home

Naples, Florida is a paradise that has been discovered by many looking to own their piece of real estate in Southwest Florida – including some notable celebrities. Just like most Naples residents, celebrities and Athletes are drawn to Naples for it’s quiet sophistication, amazing beaches and privacy. Drawn to the tropical weather and upscale community, Naples has a large population of second home owners — many of whom are wealthy and may own several homes around the world. Celebrities and Athletes are not much different in that regard. Some are full-time residents and others may live here only part-time or visit periodically when their schedules allow.

•NBA legend Larry Bird

•TV personality Judge Judy

•Author Robin Cook

•NFL legend Mike Ditka

•Recently retired Super Bowl Champion from the Baltimore Ravens Matt Birk who played center at an All Pro level

•Famed Journalist Barbara Walters

•Popular talk show hosts Paul Hannity and Neil Boortz

•Rock Star Bob Seger

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