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Naples Florida Becoming a Sports Paradise

At the end of December the Football University National Championships, a countrywide youth football tournament, were held for the first time in Naples, Florida. The event turned out to be extremely successful with about 2,500 visitors from Texas, Utah, South Florida and many other states. Those that came enjoyed watching teams from Houston, North Texas, and Broward County win championship games in the sixth, seventh and eighth grade brackets, respectively.

The Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention & Visitors Bureau estimates about 6,000 people attended the games, played at Naples High School’s Staver Field. The overall economic impact of the championship weekend, one of the biggest sporting events held in Naples, was about $3 million, according to the Bureau.

In addition to adding to our reputation as a place for sports of all ages, visitors backed our local economy by eating at our incredible array of restaurants, shopping from the mall to downtown, cruising on the Gulf of Mexico and grabbing some sun on our world-renowned beaches. Many positive comments were also heard about the resort hotels and how wonderful the rooms and amenities were.

Naples beat out Palm Beach, and other warm-weather cities in Texas and South Carolina to host this event. The tournament was organized in cooperation between the Convention & Visitors Bureau, local team directors and All-American Games, FBU’s parent company. Some 100 volunteers, from area high schools, youth clubs and elsewhere, worked throughout the weekend. Those involved with the event felt it was worth all the time and monies invested. The Naples High School football team was even featured in a 30-second commercial the visitor’s bureau produced for a national broadcast boasting the area’s year-round football, along with other draws like the beaches and golf courses. Naples is a family friendly city to live in and offers a variety of activities for an active family.

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