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New Butterfly Garden at the Conservancy of SWFL

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has created a new butterfly garden. When the old butterfly garden began dying off due to a heavy canopy of vegetation, officials looked for a new, more open site with much more sun, to have a new one. Expert naturalists and volunteers, many of them senior citizens, then taught groups of teenagers how to plant a butterfly garden and those teens then showed elementary-age children how to create a garden for butterflies. This was a golden opportunity for multiple generations to work together and leave their mark on The Conservancy. For more local knowledge please contact me, Adam Carriero, at 239.641.3876 or My family and I have lived in Naples for years and the list of fun things to do makes it a great place to live and visit.

The teens and children planted pentas, gallardia, coral honeysuckle, angel trumpet, mimosa and scorpiontail, all of which are perfect for attracting butterflies. The new garden is just down the ramp from the Discovery Center. The old garden was along the trails on the other side of the Conservancy. The Conservancy has just undergone a major renovation and offers a great place to spend time with your family and offers something for everyone at any age. It’s worth seeking out the new butterfly garden and hopefully you will see some fluttering around in all their beauty.

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