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Fresh Fare at the Farmer’s Market

The Third Street Farmer’s Market has been around for many years, and this year it grew so large during season that it takes up all of Third St. S. from Broad Avenue to 13th Ave. S. The market started with just a few local growers with fresh vegetables, fruits, plants and a few bakers and has grown to over 50 vendors at peak season. Now you can find everything from fresh seafood to homemade bagels and crepes to pastas and cheeses to natural treats for your dog. Handcrafted wares including beautiful jewelry, shell mirrors, glycerin soaps and even palm frond baskets and hats are being made right on the spot.

It’s a fun place to shop at on Saturday mornings, everyone no matter their age, will find something they would like to take home. Your dogs (of course on a leash) are also welcome here. Besides finding tasty treats and gift items, shopping here supports our local growers and independent business owners and helps children learn that not all tomatoes come from the grocery store. The farmer’s market is every Saturday from 7:30 am to 11:30 am in the parking lot behind the Third Street South shops.

Naples has many other farmers’ markets throughout the year. If you live in Naples or are thinking about moving here please contact me, Shawn Bleh, at 239.207.0761 or, I would be glad to send you a list of them.

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