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Naples' Take on Getting Fit

The Naples area is known for having an abundance of fitness centers, with amenities sure to please even the most discriminating fitness addict. One gym which has been well received by many locals is Addicted to Fitness. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard of their goal to appeal to a more mature crowd. It is probably the only gym you will come across with marble floors, walls lined with mosaic tiles, roman inspired columns, and a fireplace that makes you feel like you are working out in a luxurious residence. The membership is also limited to less than 150 people, to ensure a more private feel. Addicted to Fitness on-site staff are professionally trained and well-versed in a vast number of exercise techniques that complement people of all ages.

If you are looking to travel to the Naples area, or already live locally, feel free to contact me, Carter Wheeler, at 239.877.7626, or , with any fitness or real estate questions you may have. I have lived in the area for quite some time, and would love to steer you in the right direction in terms of fitness and/or real estate.

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