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Unique Wine Offering at Bleu Provence!

Wine that has been created through attentive nurturing, starting with the planting of the vineyards and at every step along the way, holds a certain magic in the bottle that I find wonderful. I also love trying a wine that I've never had before, and when I discover a special wine with an inspiring story, it is very exciting!

Let me tell you about one of my latest discoveries:

On the island of Corsica, there is a passionate winemaker, Yves Canerelli, who has made quite an impact not only in Corsica, but on the mainland of France as well. Over the past ten years since he took over his family's Domaine, he has restored the native Corsican varietals, converted the Domaine to organic and biodynamic cultivation, and through deliberate and meticulous winemaking has been able to produce wines with unusual freshness, complexity, and aromatic intensity that others in the appellation have been unable to achieve.

One of his wines, the 2012 Clos Canarelli Corse Figari Blanc from Corsica is one of those magical wines! It offers an aromatic and flavor profile reminiscent of the sea and rugged hillside from where the vines grow on granite. There is a persistence of mouthwatering salinity combined with fresh herbs and minerals that add complexity to its taste, which make it perfect on its own or paired with fresh seafood. It is truly a remarkable white wine worthy of grand cru status. You can find this on the wine list at Bleu Provence, at the corner of 12th Avenue South and 8th Street South in Olde Naples, as well as in their adjacent wine store, Bleu Cellar. Tell them Tricia from GCIP sent you!

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